Music is where the magic is.
It can call on things unseen and bring them to light.
When properly invoked, new spins on old tales and old spins on new tales come to life
in word, groove, melody and atmosphere.
TILLI lives comfortably in her musical world. At once creating and being created by it,
she joyously navigates the shadowy seas and dizzying cliffs, the pagan dance and the blue
gothic ways of her southern spirit. Her music conjures the same effervescent and dangerous rhythms
and rhymes that extend the European tradition of spiritual exaltations and sinister evocations into rock and roll America. 
TILLI has created her dark, driving, magical material
out of her experiences of leaving the South and going to Tibetan temples
to paint and immersing herself in the high fashion worlds of Europe and New York while
raging through clubs and living the hellhound blues across America to Los Angeles… where it all flowed into her debut EP.

TILLI’S new EP, “The Traveler“, released through Gearhead, is co-written and recorded
with Alain Johannes (Them Crooked Vultures, Queens of the Stone Age and Eleven)
and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters). The EP contains sounds of her Indo-European ancestors
and exorcised ghosts which can be heard throughout the filmic and gritty sound of “Drive All Night,”
the storming bomp of “Spin Spin” and the fast paced ride of “26 FL.” 
Finally introducing her hot stylish, edgy and stellar band starting with guitarist
and background vocalist Johnny Santoro (Still Standing,) bassist Chris Camacho (Carnival Of Souls, El Vez)
and drummer Zach Jurkovich.